Jailbreak iOS 6 untethered

Sunday is close and consequently miss less and less to the release of new tools for untethered jailbreak of iOS 6.1 and the latest iOS devices such as iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad and fourth-generation iPod touch fifth generation. At this time also came the first tweet from the official channel of Evad3s where it was announced the official address … Continua a leggere


iOS 6 Jailbreak Untethered iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS iOS 6 Jailbreak iPhone 5 – Not Yet Supported iOS 6 Jailbreak iPhone 4S – Not Yet Supported iOS 6 Jailbreak iPhone 4 – Not Yet Supported (Only unofficial tethered) iOS 6 Jailbreak iPhone 3GS – Not Yet Supported (Only unofficial tethered) iOS 6 Jailbreak Untethered iPad 3, iPad 2 iOS 6 Jailbreak … Continua a leggere

Win one iPhone 4 16 GB

  Want to win an iPhone 4G 16 GB? Since this device is becoming an object of worship, we decided to reward our readers with a contest. This contest allows you to win an Apple iPhone 4G 16GB simply subscribing to some sponsor sites. The registration to these sites allows us to pay blog costs and the purchase of mobile … Continua a leggere

HDR Camera Enabler: l’HDR also on iPhone 3GS 4.1

It seems possible to enable HDR also on iPhone 3G and 3G. The procedure was manual at the first,but today someone clearly thought of making a file available via Cydia that will do all the work for you.   Simply download HDR Enabler and activate it through Winterboard. After respring automatically when you restart the phone and turns on you … Continua a leggere

Jailbreak iPhone with JailbreakMe

JailbreakMe is the latest jailbreak method for all devices running iOS 3.1.2 or newer. This guide will show you how to use JailbreakMe to jailbreak your iPhone. Obviously, most people won’t need this tutorial because JailbreakMe is the simplest way to jailbreak. However this guide may be useful to know this great tool Step 1: Make you your iPhone is … Continua a leggere

How to Unlock iOS 4.0.1 on iPhone 3G & 3GS with Ultrasn0w 0.93

The unlock for iOS 4.0 was released immediately after it went live, this could be fastest unlock from iPhone dev team but release of iOS 4.0.1 could have spoiled all fun. It is surprising to see Apple didn’t update the baseband in iOS 4.0.1 and it is same as iOS 4.0 Baseband 05.13.04 meaning users can update to iOS 4.0.1 … Continua a leggere

Jailbreak iPhone OS 4.0 Redsn0w 0.9.5

  The iPhone Dev Team has just released the version of Redsn0w 0.9.5 for both Windows and Mac. This release, like all the previous ones, is meant for iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G only, running iOS 4 (formerly iPhone OS 4). Apart from multitasking and wallpapers support on iOS 4.0 on iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G, this version also … Continua a leggere

iPhone 4

While everyone else was busy trying to keep up with iPhone, we were busy creating amazing new features that make iPhone more powerful, easier to use, and more indispensable than ever. The result is iPhone 4. The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone. See FaceTime in action People have been dreaming about video calling for decades. iPhone 4 … Continua a leggere

Download iPhone OS 4.0 beta firmware

Apple released the iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 download software and iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 SDK for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod touch 3rd generation, and iPod touch 2nd generation developers. The build number for the new iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 software is 8A260b. If you want to jailbreak iPhone 4.0 or jailbreak iPod touch 4.0, please do … Continua a leggere